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Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuit and Your Right to Compensation

A transvaginal mesh implant is a surgical procedure that is meant to strengthen the thickness of the vaginal wall and improve tissue strength. It is a necessary operation, especially if your urethra and bladder are no longer receiving adequate support from your pelvic muscles. When your pelvic muscles fail, stress urinary incontinence (SUI) and pelvic organ prolapse (POP) can occur, so transvaginal mesh surgery may be necessary to prevent these unwanted medical complications.

Transvaginal mesh implants can also end the problems associated with hysterectomy and alternative curative processes. This, and its introduction as a low-risk surgical option, led to its fast recognition in the medical field. The procedure requires the embedding of a porous synthetic substance that is intended to relieve women of any pain or discomfort associated with stress urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse.

Due to the considerable potential this product had for helping patients, the possibility of the product having complications was not fully considered. It did not take long, however, when complaints regarding the side-effects of the implant began to emerge, so that by 2010, records of complications numbered at least 3,874 , with at least seven deaths.

The complications transvaginal mesh implant is associated with include mesh contraction, mesh exposure, mesh erosion, and mesh migration. These complications, in turn, lead to painful side effects, like neuromuscular issues, infection, vaginal scarring and shrinkage, bleeding, and perforation of the organ. Unfortunately, such complications can sometimes be too difficult to correct once the transvaginal mesh is set in place.

A transvaginal mesh lawyer, however, can help you file a transvaginal mesh lawsuit, if only to bring the negligent party to justice and to have you compensated for all your financial losses, as well as costly medical treatment. Though no amount of compensation will ever repair the harm done against you and all those affected, it will help you and other victims to get the medical treatment you need.

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Microsoft Rolls Back Faulty Windows 7 Update

computer updateMicrosoft is advising Windows 7 users to patch an update from earlier this week that has been causing problems for users and disabling anti-virus software.

The faulty update began to be pushed out on Tuesday. It was meant to close a pair of obscure security vulnerabilities, but instead resulted in some computers being unable to restart or load applications. Some people received a “fatal system error,” while others got errors with their antivirus software, implying their PCs were unprotected.

Microsoft addressed the issues in a blog post yesterday and stopped pushing the update. The company says that the issue only affected users who also had certain third-party software installed when they applied the update.

A fix has been rolled out and PCs set to update automatically should download and apply it on their own.

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