Traumatic brain injuries account for 1.5 million injuries every year, taking away the lives of almost 52, 000 Americans. Traumatic brain injury, (also called TBI) is considered as the leading cause of fatalities in people aged 1 to 40 years old. It basically occurs when the brain suddenly receives physical trauma, such as a quick and violent hit on the head or an object penetrating the brain.

The leading cause of traumatic brain injury is motorcycle accidents, although there are other causes such as workplace accidents, slips and falls, physical assault, child abuse, and sports. Once you or someone you know has TBI, it’s best to get treatment immediately to prevent further complications and to care for the injury right away. When the cause of the injury is due to another persons’ negligence or hostility, it is a good reason to file for a claim. After getting the injury treated, contacting brain injury attorneys would be the next step in getting compensation.

There are generally two types of traumatic brain injuries (TBI), namely the closed head injuries and the open head (or penetrating) brain injuries. The effects of TBI depend on the severity of the injury as well as the type of injury sustained.

Traumatic brain injuries are not something that can be taken lightly, as their effects can be very devastating and could be long-term. According to the website of injury attorneys from Williams Kherkher Law Firm, treatment for the injuries from traumatic brain injuries can be very lengthy and expensive, and with the problem of dealing with the pain of the injury, you don’t need to trouble yourself with the financial issues that come along with it. It is important to have someone knowledgeable about these issues to help determine your legal rights and also to establish how much compensation you are eligible to get. When you think you are a victim of another person’s callousness or ill will, then talk with trusted and dependable personal injury attorneys who can represent your case in court.

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